About Us


We are working towards a future where climate and energy policy across Europe is evidence-based, existing carbon-free solutions are rapidly deployed, and investment is readily available for the next generation technologies needed to get all the way to net-zero by 2050.


To galvanise support across Europe for an ambitious decarbonisation agenda that includes every carbon-free energy technology.


Carbon-Free Europe (CFE) was launched by Third Way’s Climate and Energy program at COP26 to build international support for a technology-inclusive climate agenda and encourage governments to maximise the next decade to meet climate goals. With a presence in Brussels, EU Member States, the UK, and Washington, DC, CFE facilitates transatlantic collaboration on climate policy, innovation, and clean energy supply chains.

CFE conducts research to ensure policymakers and the climate community have access to comprehensive, robust analyses to make evidence-based decisions on net-zero strategies. As part of this, we assess the risks and tradeoffs of different net-zero pathways to advise governments on credible trajectories to 2050.

CFE advocates for technology-inclusive climate policies, which are essential for deep decarbonisation and to reduce Europe’s vulnerability to volatile energy prices. We also provide expert insights on contemporary issues, including the EU’s Green Deal, national energy and climate plans, and Europe’s energy security.

Our Funding

Carbon-Free Europe is financed entirely through European philanthropic grants from the Quadrature Climate Foundation.


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