Press ReleasePublished November 3, 2023

Carbon-Free Europe Statement on RED II Agreement, Applauds Technology-Inclusive Hydrogen Strategy

Carbon Free Europe
Press Team

Brussels - Today, Carbon-Free Europe (CFE) released a statement from its co-founder Lindsey Walter following the recent publication of the revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) in the Official Journal.

“The Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) recognizes both the urgency to deploy renewables and the need for all zero carbon technologies to produce clean hydrogen,” said Carbon-Free Europe Co-founder, Lindsey Walter.“ The binding renewable energy target of 42.5% by 2030, with a voluntary target of 45%, is sufficient to stay on track for net-zero by 2050. But let’s be clear–this is just the floor, not the ceiling. To meet carbon neutrality, we will need to mobilize a massive build-out of wind and solar–a colossal undertaking that we cannot afford to underestimate.”

"There’s no question that meeting future clean hydrogen demand requires prioritising renewable technologies alongside other zero-carbon energy sources like nuclear energy. The projected demand for clean hydrogen–40 to 66 million metric tonnes by 2050, according to our analysis–will require a diverse, technology-inclusive arsenal. It’s heartening to see the EU Institution’s recognition of the diversity of zero-carbon technologies necessary to meet clean hydrogen demand. This is a first step in embracing a framework that leverages all zero-carbon technologies to give the EU the greatest chance of reaching climate targets.

Carbon-Free Europe

Carbon-Free Europe works to galvanise support across Europe for an ambitious decarbonisation agenda that includes every carbon-free energy technology. CFE advocates for technology-inclusive climate policies, which are essential for deep decarbonisation and to reduce Europe’s vulnerability to volatile energy prices.

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